Achieving Good Health

Achieving Good Health
Presented by Dr. J.T. (Tom) Snell

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Current Situation

Our province’s health care budget has ballooned in recent years to become by far the largest budget in our government. As baby boomers age it will continue to grow at an accelerated rate.

To arrest the growth in its budget, the department of health needs to adopt a wide variety of innovative solutions.

Solution #1

One solution would be to develop a pro-active policy where the government rewards adults who become more healthy and physically fit and who maintain their health and fitness within a stated range.

The reward would be in the form of a health report and/or certificate of health, as well as a cheque for “X” amount of dollars. Each of these would be issued yearly following an annual check-up for adults, over 30 years old.

The check-up would include specific tests and measurements that would be matched against a set of pre-determined standards of good health and fitness that are set provincially.

Solution #2

Put a Good Health Tax on sugar and sugar substitute products sold in the province. Do the same with products consisting of unhealthy fats. Increase these taxes over a period of time, as needed, to help motivate the public to change their eating habits.

Solution #3

It may be also valuable to reduce the tax on other products such as fresh fruits and vegetables as well as organic foods.