Characteristics of Successful Students

The following list outlines some of the characteristics of individuals who attend Columbia College and become successful students.

Characteristics of More Successful Students

  • Learners that have a more clear occupational or career goal

  • Learners that prefer to complete an educational program more quickly (accelerated education)

  • Learners who are more motivated to learn and who display a more mature attitude

  • Learners who are more willing to work hard academically both inside and outside of class

  • Learners who are more caring, courteous, and respectful of others, especially individuals from other cultures

  • Learners who may have weaker academic qualifications butt have a higher motivation to succeed (motivation is a key determinant of academic success)

  • Learners who tend to see education as a tool to help them move forward in order to obtain a better income, career, and quality of life

  • Learners who tend to be out of school for several years (i.e., 25 to 45 years old) are single or have a spouse, children, home, and bills to pay

  • Learners who may be preparing to enter their 2nd or 3rd career